Breaking: Climate Change Blamed for Missing IRS and EPA Emails


The IRS and EPA have added new revelations about the crashed hard drives and subsequent missing emails. They now claim that global warming caused the rapid overheating and then rapid cooling within the polar vortex caused the metal in the hard drive to fracture. The fractured hard drives made it impossible to recover the missing emails.

AnĀ IRS spokeswoman stated, “The Tea Party had to be stopped. They are preventing President Obama from saving our planet with higher energy costs. People have to realize the damage they are doing to the environment and government workers. IRS employees won’t survive without their bonuses. They’ll be broke like Hillary Clinton or lose their nanny and not know how to feed their children like Michelle Obama.”

The EPA added additional information claiming, “It was so cold, staffers were pooping in the hallways because they were afraid they would freeze to the toilets. It isn’t a surprise the hard drives crashed as well.”

Note: Yes, this is satire and not real news.