Cook County Judge Throws Term Limit Initiative off Ballot

From a press release from the Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits:

“Today we saw the entrenched special interests that fund and support the political status quo prevail, and the people of Illinois be denied the right to chose for themselves if term limits should be the law in Illinois,” said Term Limits and Reform Executive Director Mark Campbell. “We’ve always known that term limits opponents would use the courts to try to protect the failed status quo, and we’ve long been prepared to defend our initiative in the Illinois Supreme Court, which we intend to do. We are confident that we will prevail there, and the people’s voices will be heard in November.”

This ruling will be appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court for final determination if the people will be allowed to vote on this of if Madigan’s and the courts decide they want to remain in perpetual control.

UPDATE: The judge in this case was Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Mikva.

Bio:  Depaul University

Mary L. Mikva is a judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division. She was previously assigned to the Juvenile Court, Child Protection Division. Judge Mikva has been active in judicial education, serving as faculty and part of the planning committee for the Advanced Judicial Academy and for Law and Literature seminars. She was a frequent presenter in ongoing training for judges and lawyers in Juvenile Court. She was the judicial representative on the DCFS Pregnancy Prevention Committee and a frequent speaker and advocate on delaying parenting for youth in foster care.


Mary Lane Mikva is a judge of the Cook County 8th Subcircuit in Illinois.[1] She was elected to the bench in 2004, her current term expiring in 2016.[2]


Mikva earned her J.D. from Northwestern University College of Law.[3] She was admitted to the bar in 1980.[2]


Prior to her judicial election in 2004, Mikva was a partner at the law firms of Abrahamson, Vorachek & Mikva and Seliger & Mikva. She also worked as a criminal defense attorney (with Patrick A. Tuite & Associates) and a law clerk (to U.S. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. and U.S. District Court Judge Prentice Marshall).[3]

Judge Mikva’s Political donations from the Illinois State Board of Elections: