Tribune poll: Oberweis leads Truax 52 to 15 percent

The Chicago Tribune released a poll in the US Senate race.  State Sen. Jim Oberweis is leading 52% – 15% over Doug Truax.  Even if Truax garnered all the undecided, he would not be able to catch Oberweis at this point.


Rauner and Grogan Endorsed

The Lake County Township Republican Organizations of Moraine, West Deerfield, Shields and Vernon met tonight for their joint endorsement session.  There requirement was 70% for endorsement.  While I am still awaiting vote totals, the following are the endorsements:

  • Governor – Bruce Rauner  (88%)
  • Treasurer – Bob Grogan  (84%)

The following candidates failed to win the endorsement but did garner the highest vote totals:

  • US Senate – Doug Truax vs Jim Oberweis
  • Rep 51 – Bob Bednar vs Ed Sullivan, Jr.
  • County Treasurer – Jeri Atleson vs David Stolman

I will update with vote totals once available.

UPDATE: Vote totals added to endorsed candidates above.

MoraineEndorsementSession MoraineEndorsementSession2


New Trier Republicans Endorse Rauner, Truax, Cross

The New Trier Republican Organization, the Republican Club of Evanston, and the Northfield Township Republican Organization endorsed the following candidates today:

Governor – Bruce Rauner – 80.3%
US Senate – Doug Truax – 71.2%
Treasurer – Tom Cross – 60%

The following were endorsed in non contested races:

Bob Dold for 10th Congressional District
Paul Schimpf for Attorney General
Michael Webster for Secretary of State
Judy Baar Topinka for Comptroller
Kathy Myalls for 17th State Representative
Dr. Mark Neerhof for 58th State Representative
James Pieczonka for 12th District Subcircuit Judge
Herb Schumann for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Bill Cadigan for New Trier Township Committeeman

Pictures from the event:


Photo by Mark Weyermuller


Photo by Mark Weyermuller


Photo by Mark Weyermuller


Photo by Mark Weyermuller


Libertyville Township Republicans Endorsements

The Libertyville Township Republicans held their endorsement session today. Candidates must receive 60% of the vote. They endorsed the following:

Jeri Atleson – Lake County Treasurer


Bob Grogan –  Illinois State Treasurer


Dan Rutherford – Illinois Governor


There were no endorsements for the US Senate race between Jim Oberweis and Doug Truax.



PTRO Endorsements

BruceRauner2PTRO (Palatine Township Republican Organization) held their endorsement session last night. To be endorsed, a candidate had to receive 60% of the vote.

PTRO Endorsements
Governor: Bruce Rauner 65%
US Senate: Doug Truax 64%
13th Judicial Sub-Circuit: John Curry 79%
8th District: Larry Kaifish 83%

Final voting results

Bill Brady 4%
Kirk Dillard 11%
Bruce Rauner 65%
Dan Rutherford 20%
Tom Cross 47%
Bob Grogan 53%
13th Judicial Sub-Circuit
John Curry 79%
Gary Seyring 21%
US Senate
Jim Oberweis 36%
Doug Truax 64%
Congress 8th District
Manju Goel 17%
Larry Kaifesh 83%

The Race Against Sen. Dick Durbin Gets More Crowded

PaulBurtPaul Burt of Lake Forest has been making the rounds for several weeks sharing his intentions of running against Durbin as well. Today, Doug Truax of Veritas Risk Services has announced he will also challenge Sen. Dick Durbin in 2014.


Truax“At West Point, one of the first things they taught us is that you change battlefield strategies if they continually fail,”  Truax said in a statement. “Business owners and families also know this but amazingly, in Illinois and Washington, career politicians like Dick Durbin continue to make the same tax-and-spend policy decisions without regard to results.”

“I look forward to bringing a new energy and ultimately a new direction for the people of Illinois,”  Truax said in a statement.

Read more: Daily Caller

Below is a video released by the Truax campaign:

Return to Confidence

His website can be found at