Pot Candy

With the legalization of marijuana, there are going to be many unintended consequences.

In Colorado, 15 students are now in trouble with the school district for bringing pot candy to school and sharing it with their friends.

A total of 15 students were involved, according to officials. Four students are facing expulsions from the Adams 50/Westminster School District and 11 others are facing suspensions.

It started when teachers noticed a few students acting strangely during class.

“At least one of the kids had brought these products to the school and began sharing them with friends,” said district spokesman Steve Saunders.

[Credit: CBS Denver]

How many of you have ever heard of marijuana edibles or pot candy?
How many parents understand this is even an issue at all?
How many more students have or will be doing this?
What other unintended consequences are coming our way with more legalization?